Our Spin-Offs

We are proud to showcase the Spin-Offs developed over the years by our remarkable researchers. Are you an inventor of a groundbreaking technology and eager to share it with society? We will support you in turning it into the most suitable venture and truly make an impact. From concept to launch, we'll provide guidance throughout every step of the way to develop your entrepreneurial idea into a successful business. Together with our partner INiTS we are committed to advancing the progress of our spin-outs, providing them with the resources and support needed for their ongoing development. 



Arkeon is at the forefront of sustainable technology, utilizing a sophisticated one-step fermentation process to convert industrial carbon dioxide emissions into essential protein ingredients. The process produces 20 proteinogenic amino acids without relying on genetic engineering and not only offers a sustainable solution to utilizing CO2 but also contributes to regenerative environmental practices.

Calyxha is a private biotech company developing novel small molecule anti-inflammatory drugs. Lead by an experienced team of biotech entrepreneurs and scientists, Calyxha targets multiple inflammatory diseases and is currently in preclinical development. Calyxha's lead product, CAL-4 is being developed as a safe alternative to corticosteroids for asthma and is due to enter the clinic by 2024.

Cortecs AI is elevating business efficiency through Natural Language Understanding (NLU) solutions tailored to specific business needs. By leveraging company data, Cortecs AI's models enhance accuracy and deliver more meaningful results, maintaining strict data control and security by operating on clients' own infrastructure. 

Cryomodultech specializes in cryopreparation technology, producing patented agitation modules for freeze substitution systems (AFS). These innovative modules play a crucial role in optimizing the preparation of biological samples for electron microscopy, light microscopy, and analytical techniques such as NanoSIMS. By enabling rapid, crystal-free freezing of cell or tissue samples, Cryomodultech's technology significantly accelerates the freeze substitution process, reducing it to a few hours and preserving the native biological states with enhanced accuracy.

imd Biotech focuses on customized sensors to enable the detection of foodborne pathogens as well as diagnostic biomarkers. Coupled with an AI-driven digital platform, the company enables efficient long-term monitoring and sophisticated data analysis, offering an advanced solution for timely and accurate diagnostics in the field of biotechnology.

Lipid Legends is dedicated to enhancing the shelf life and taste of flaxseed oil, which is often characterised by rapid spoilage and a bitter taste. Through the introduction of an innovative pressing method, not only is the oil's shelf life extended, but its omega-3 and polyphenol content—compounds associated with health benefits—is also increased, resulting in a more palatable flavor. 

You can read more about their journey here

Microlux specializes in advancing silicon technology and photonics. They are leveraging expertise in quantum science to develop high-performance devices geared towards applications in photonic trace gas detection, microwave photonics, quantum technology, and distributed sensing, aiming to meet the rigorous demands of commercial applications. Microlux offers collaboration opportunities for research and development projects seeking to harness the latest in photonics and micro-engineering.

Using cutting edge technologies Phenaris provides data, models, and decision support in all aspects of in silico toxicology. With their long-lasting experience in pharmacoinformatics, they offer a broad portfolio of customised computational methods, e.g. transporter informatics, safety assessment or modeling of binding kinetics. 

QUBO Technology was founded on the belief that technology can be at the core of solving the most pressing problems of the world. They are exploring the capabilities of individual photons to revolutionize various facets of society like computing, financial systems, and secure communication through the potential of individual photons. 

VASP is a powerful software tool for atomic scale materials modelling, e.g. electronic structure calculations and quantum-mechanical molecular dynamics, from first principles. The package is highly versatile and is currently used by more than 1400 research groups in academia and industry worldwide on the basis of software licence agreements.

VitreaLab has developed a display technology designed to overcome the challenge of creating ultra-bright displays visible in any lighting condition. Their innovation lies in a high-brightness, low-energy consumption display that promises to make smart glasses viable for outdoor use. By utilizing LCD panels coupled with an advanced backlight system, VitreaLab offers a cost-effective alternative to microOLED displays, delivering similar high-quality visuals at lower prices.

Our Start-Ups

The university also supports startups born from the bright minds of our students, doctoral candidates, and early-stage researchers. Our innovation labs and entrepreneurship services are here to equip you with essential tools, knowledge, and networking opportunities to turn innovative ideas into successful ventures. Whether you aim to launch your own company or a social enterprise, from initial advice and business model development to specialized training courses, we provide comprehensive assistance every step of the way. 

ab&cd innovations is engaged in the challenge to develope procedures for extracting chemicals and recyclables from processed remnants / byproducts as well as from biomass.

ClickWise offers simulation software for Cyber Security training, enabling employees to learn through personalized, realistic scenarios. This approach helps them to handle current threats and safeguard both their own and the company's data.

Crack the code to your hormonal health - codeXX is the first proactive menstrual app that helps you alleviate your symptoms without medication.

Cutanos achieves direct and minimally invasive antigen delivery to Langerhans cells via the skin.

Float connects young people struggling with everyday issues to psychology students on their platform for affordable psychological counseling.

ISOtopic solutions - Isotope labeled standards for increased precision in chemical analysis

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